News Flash Forward

Two weeks into 2007 and everyone’s finally sobering up from that post-holiday lull. With our minds back in focus, we’re slowly, but surely, starting to see the year ahead taking shape.While everyone’s making vague predictions of what’s to come in 2007, visionaries that we are, we’ve decided to take things a step further—by observing the trends and happenings in current events, making educated guesses, consulting our sources and gazing into our crystal ball, we’ve come up with some news headlines of the year to come.So, cancel your newspaper subscriptions, folks, because we’ve got the scoop for you right here:Kick ButtSmokers come out on the losing end in a riot with non-smokers over a coffee shop’s smoking zone—after needing to “stop for a cigarette break” in the middle of violence.Do Not Pass GoChee Soon Juan chooses not to pay a fine for littering; opts for a jail term instead.To Lee or Not To LeeThe Prime Minister opts to give his budget speech in rhyming couplets.Bridge Over Troubled WaterWhy relations between Malaysia and Singapore remain tense, bridge or no bridge.Back FlipTV show The Dancefloor bombs.Hit the BrakesBus and taxi fare prices increase. Again. “Aiyah,” say Singaporeans, with a shrug.