Old Habits Die Hard

Yeah, yeah—like you don’t make resolutions every year. Resolutions are just mankind’s sadistic little way of disappointing itself. We’ve yet to meet anyone who’s kept theirs for more than a week—but we are willing to try and break that record this year. Joining the fray of the ridiculously optimistic, we’ve come up with our very own list of Page 3 resolutions because we’re sure there’re some things that we could do better in 2007, believe it or not.For a start, we could be nicer. After all, in 2006, we threw in our two cents about the Integrated Resorts, P65 MPs, Singapore Idol, radio DJs, world records and surprise, surprise—the elections. Maybe it’s time to ease up; time to offer a sincere smile instead of a sarcastic tone. And we promise to keep these resolutions. Well, for as long as anyone else keeps theirs, that is. This New Year, we’ll:• Be nicer to the PAP. Hey, they did give us a Progress Package and… um, increase our GST. Oh well…• Stop politicking—because, hey, who listens anyways?• Stop laughing at the P65 MPs. Just because they behave like clowns doesn’t mean they warrant the same treatment.• Stop making fun of Singapore Idol. It’s just too easy now.• Stop going to JB to buy groceries and support the local economy instead.• Not make any more IR jokes—until the first one sinks.• Stop using National Day as an opportunity to go on holiday.• Try to sound more sincere when we sing “Stand Up for Singapore.”• Stop saying that the SDU is only meant for people who are “Single, Desperate and Unlucky.”• Stop kidding ourselves.