An Open Letter to Taxi App No-Shows

Uncle writing you atas young people here because I know you read this atas magazine. Taxi Uncle sick of coming to pick you up in Tiong Bahru, pick you up in Keong Saik and waiting waiting waiting, and you no-show. Sibeh jia lat. 

Uncle like taxi app. Last time, Uncle think got change, means life easy already. But now Uncle know all bluff one. You young people don’t care about Uncle, only care about going to high class restaurant and high class market. Only care about taking photo of yourself, always click click click, always eat cupcake in Uncle’s taxi, go to old building lancing and lim jiu in plastic cup. Simi tai ji? Why you go to that building? No one live there. Uncle drive all the way there come pick you up, then bo lang. Buay sai, lah. 

Let me tell you: Now Uncle sian already. Dowan to pick you up. Era of old taxi app over liao. Now got GrabTaxi, Uncle can see whether you no-show or what. Maybe can go to CC watch World Cup or go and lim kopi. No need waste time waiting. 

You all think you sibeh young and sibeh rich but Taxi Uncle know you atas ang mo pai. Always chut pattern and think Taxi Uncle bo liao. Then you all wait long long for booking lor, now Uncle only want to go taxi stand in CBD. Long queue, more money. You want Taxi Uncle trust back? Don’t bin chao chao in the taxi, ok. Go kopitiam lim teh tarik and eat bee hoon. We talk cock about the gahmen. Then maybe you want to go to Simpang Bedok, I bring you there free.