The Party Don’t Stop

Don’t worry if you worry that you’re getting too old for ZoukOut. Hey, we scratch our heads every year (and find less hair there than last time when we do) trying to figure out whether it’s finally time to hang up our glowsticks. Besides, there’s a lot to love about being a little bit older every time the event rolls around: For one thing we can now afford a nice hotel room on Sentosa before and after the event (who are we trying to kid; we work in media, but we do have friends who made different career choices and can afford all the rooms on Sentosa they could ever want). We don’t feel the need to rush there the minute it all gets underway; we’re sensible enough to pack a change of clothes; and we really don’t see anything wrong with starting the night off with a nice bottle of Shiraz.But sure, there’s more to life than all-night raving. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some ideas for parties to suit our new found maturity. And before you scoff, remember that it took years for ZoukOut to break even. You’ve got to give them a chance, people:NukeOut A 12 hour non-stop panel discussion on the likely fallout from renewed hostilities on the Korean peninsula. The inaugural edition features a headline set from Ban Ki-moon, and an after-hours room where you can groove to the sounds of Lil’ Kim.SoukOut Styled after a Moroccan market—complete with authentically poor street peddlers and unlimited soothing peppermint tea—this interior design and homewares fête will draw luminaries from around the region to talk about the importance of onyx work surfaces.CubScout What’s better than getting wasted on the beach and having casual sex with strangers? Going camping with your kids, that’s what. At this dads and lads affair you can brush up on all your practical knowledge and knots; and try to convince the youngsters that eating baked beans out of a tin somehow prepares you for the big wide world.FreshTrout Food is the new sex. At least, it is once you’re married. Indulge in this all-you-can-eat, sustainably-sourced piscine buffet; or relax by the pool, filled exclusively with the finest Fiji Water.