The Pits

Singaporeans love speed. Don’t believe us? Just ask the traffic police. That fascination with being fast and furious could, however, explain why ubër car racing tournament Formula 1 Grand Prix may very possibly be making its way to our shores as early as next year.Once again, the world will have its eyes on us and, as always, we need to show everyone what’s so unique about Uniquely Singapore. Concerned citizens that we are, we came up with a way to set us apart from previous F1 Grand Prix by adding a little pizzazz to each pit stop the drivers take:Pit Stop 1: Past Singapore Idol contestants get to croon to the drivers here. Hey, if the racers needed motivation to get back in their cars and drive as fast as human possible, nothing works better than Paul Twohill’s (non) voice.Pit Stop 2: Kumar and friends to entertain our stressed-out drivers after the second lap. Drinks and lap dance optional.Pit Stop 3: Catch ESPN shows for more motivation—especially segments featuring booty-licious host Jamie Yeo.Pit Stop 4: Get a massage from the many girls (or boys) from our local spas here. They’re really good with their hands.Pit Stop 5: Think the races don’t have enough cool crashes? We could get Ministry of Sound or Zouk to set up a little pit stop bar for the racers. Bottoms up!Pit Stop 6: A couple of scantily dressed babes will wait for the drivers to help them, ahem, refuel their tanks—in more ways than one.Pit Stop 7: An ERP gantry. Hey, anything to help the economy, right?