Safe speech

If anyone actually stops to think about it, he or she will quickly come to the realization that, with so much diversity in the world, anything anyone says will very likely offend someone or other. Well, almost anything. Upon further reflection, we realized that there are actually many things which are not likely to offend anyone, anywhere, anytime. For the safety of journalists (like ourselves), speechmakers, politicians, politicians’ wives, bloggers, opposition candidates, satirists, teachers, standup comedians, commentators, movie-makers, sports figures, playwrights and artists everywhere, we here list some of these safe topics, beliefs and sentiments.Children are cute and lovable, and the hope of the world.Motherhood is the greatest occupation in the world.We must save the environment, for this world is all we’ve got.Love all animals, for they too are living things.Education is a good thing, and should be made affordable for all.Eat a balanced diet, for health is wealth.Smile, and the whole world smiles with you.Brush your teeth regularly.Music is a universal language.All men are brothers.