Spring Cleaning

Time once again for our seasonal quiz. What’s been making the headlines? How closely have you been paying attention? How little do you care?

1) Why was February Singapore’s driest month?
a. Alcohol taxes went up, so everyone stopped drinking
b. There’s still a whole four months to go before the crazy-exciting Water Week 2014
c. There hadn’t been that little rain since 1869

2) Who has MP Baey Yam Keng not been dressed up as in a meme currently doing the rounds online?
a. The Merlion
b. Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o
c. Superman

3) Why might Tiger Airways pull out of Indonesia?
a. Their pilots can’t see through the smog
b. They’re struggling to make a profit
c. Bali is just so not cool any more

4) Which despicable dictator recently spent his birthday here?
a. Kim Jong Un—to get earlybird tix for the G-Dragon fan meeting in March
b. Robert Mugabe—for an operation on his eyes
c. Bashar Al-Assad—he just loves the combo of shawarma and fixed gear bicycle stores on Haji Lane

5) The government recently announced it has stockpiled 16 million what?
a. Plates of chicken rice, to keep prices stable for the next 50 years
b. Dollars, to pay for a secret burlesque show at the Istana
c. N95 facemasks in preparation for the return of the haze

6) Singapore recently topped which list?
a. World’s most expensive cities, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit
b. The Press Freedom Index, according to the North Korean Journalists Association
c. All lists ever, according to the Straits Times