Tech Test

Boy, do we like our mobile phones. If it’s not a survey revealing that a majority of us now hear them ringing even when they aren’t, it’s a report saying that there’s no longer much of a market for second hand phones, since people only want the latest models.As Tron: Legacy lands at the multiplex, and fear of The Net grips us once more (this time in 3D!) perhaps it’s time to assess whether, as a nation, we’re in danger of becoming too attached to our tech toys, and in the process are losing sight of our humanity. God forbid anyone call Singaporeans robotic! A quick test then:1 You’re on a date at a delightful new restaurant. What’s the first thing you do when the food arrives?

  1. Thank the waiter
  2. Wait for your companion to start
  3. Order both of them to back off immediately while you rearrange the dishes for the perfect iPhone shot

2 Your cab is late arriving. What do you do while you’re waiting?

  1. Settle down with the book of renaissance poetry you carry with you for just such occasions
  2. Start up a conversation with the attractive stranger waiting beside you, marveling at how serendipity throws up such wonderful opportunities
  3. Post minute-by-minute updates to your Twitter account complaining about the appalling service, culminating in a suggestion for a flashmob protest outside the Comfort DelGro offices

3 Some good friends invite you to join them for an all-expenses paid weekend in Bali. What’s your initial reaction?

  1. Tell them you’d be delighted
  2. Explain politely that, although you already have plans, you’d love to join them next time, and can’t wait to hear how they get on
  3. Use TripAdvisor to decide whether the hotel is to your tastes, then Google Street View to work out which room to request

4 You’re at The Esplanade for the gala opening of a previously unperformed Beethoven Concerto, when the lead violinist mangles a note. How do you react?

  1. Keep quiet, these things happen
  2. Tut disapprovingly under your breath
  3. What’s the question? I can’t hear anything with my iPod on

If you answered mostly C, it’s time to unplug. Relax. Do some gardening. Go for a swim. Just be sure to text us to let us know where you are.