Week of April 6, 2007

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): On April 1, 1976, British astronomer Patrick Moore told his radio listeners that a rare configuration of Jupiter and Pluto was occurring. So dramatically would it affect Earth’s gravity, he said, that they might feel lighter than usual, and perhaps even be able to float up into the air. I’m wondering if we can expect a similar phenomena this week. There’s a rare grand trine in fire signs, with Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Leo, and the sun in Aries. Especially for you, the buoyancy factor will be in full play, and levels of levity will be at a maximum. If you can’t actually fly, you’ll probably get higher than you’ve been in a long time.
TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): “It is by going down into the abyss that you recover the treasures of life,” wrote mythologist Joseph Campbell. “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” Keep those thoughts uppermost in mind, Taurus. You’ve dared to crawl down into the abyss, and that’s admirable. But now comes the most important part: your stumble. Be alert for every detail about it. It’s the key to your future treasure.
GEMINI (May 21-Jun 20): Is the universe inherently friendly to human beings? The answer’s got to either be yes or no. It can’t be in between. Whatever you might be inclined to believe, you’ve got to agree that there’s no way to know which is true with absolute certainty. So then isn’t it stupid and self-destructive to live your life as if the universe is unfriendly? Doing so tends to cast a pall over everything. But if on the other hand you proceed on the hypothesis that the universe is friendly, you’re inclined to interpret everything that occurs as a gift, however challenging it may be to figure out its purpose at first. Your assignment this week, should you choose to accept it, is to live as if the latter theory were true.
CANCER (Jun 21-Jul 22): Depending on which surveys you choose to believe, the job satisfaction rate is either abysmally low or surprisingly high. Sirota Consulting, an attitude research company, found that 76 percent of all workers like their jobs. But the Conference Board, a management advisory group, put the figure at less than 50 percent. Wherever the truth may lie, you Cancerians have a great chance to skew the data upward during all of 2007. And you’re now in a phase that offers the best possible opportunities for getting that prospect in full swing. I suggest you concentrate on upgrading your relationship to work in every way you can imagine.
LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22): This week features a spectacularly beneficent cosmic portent. Jupiiter, Saturn, and the sun are forming a grand trine in the fire signs. The last time this happened was 80 years ago. While many uncanny redemptions will germinate during this electric grace period, not all will become immediately visible; some may even take years to reveal themselves. But there’s one phenomenon that I suspect will show up vividly in the lives of many Leos: a vision of how to restructure your life so as to express your unique individuality in the most creatively satisfying ways. Pay close attention.
VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22): The Dalai Lama, one of the planet’s superheroes, was born during a rare grand trine of Jupiter, Saturn, and sun in the water signs. This week those same planets will conduct an equally extraordinary grand trine in the fire signs. At the very least, I expect the birth of a sublime being whose benevolence will one day match the Dalai Lama’s. I also suspect that millions of other wonders will hatch, a disproportionate amount of which will be engendered by you Virgos. Your fertility is at a peak, as is your knack for creating interesting goodness and cathartic beauty.
LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22): “Dear Rob: I’m wondering if you have any information about spirit husbands, especially about how to meet them and release them. Someone once told me that before you can find your actual husband, you must first meet and release your spirit husband. I’d appreciate any info, as I think I had a close encounter with my spirit husband last night, but scared him away. -Lovesick Libra.” Dear Lovesick: I confess I’ve never heard of “spirit husbands” before. But I do know this: You Libras are in an astrological phase when you’ll have great success if you try to exorcise ghosts, fantasies, and projections that might be interfering with you having actual relationships with real soul friends and soul mates.
SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21): “I am fragile, delicate, and sensitive. That is my strength.” The Indian spiritual teacher Osho said that, and I hope you will now make a similar vow. The power that you’ll have available to you in the coming weeks will be very different from the power that conventional wisdom admires. It will be a moral force that stems from your courage to be joyfully awake in the face of chaos…a luxurious gravitas that’s rooted in your lucid vulnerability…a resilient authority that grows from your determination to meet every challenge with humble innocence.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): One of my readers, Native American Ruth McLeod, reports that she has never mentioned the Easter Bunny to her young kids. Instead, she tells them about the Easter Coyote, the fun-loving, mischief-making spirit of spring whose job it is to hide goodies and play tricks, thereby lightening people’s moods and getting them to take themselves less seriously. I expect that you’ll soon be getting multiple visits from the Easter Coyote, Sagittarius. Prepare to shed the heaviness left over from March as you welcome amusing interruptions that will tweak your perspective in ways that make you smarter.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): “When you argue with reality, you lose 100 percent of the time,” says teacher Byron Katie. So how do you cure yourself of the bad habit of arguing with reality? Love what is, she advises. Gladly and gracefully accept who you are and the life you’ve been given. But more than that: Ask yourself whether the beliefs you have about who you are and the life you’ve been given are actually true. Let’s say, for example, you’ve been infected with the belief that you’ll never get the love you want. Is that an objective, rock-solid fact about reality, or is it a fearful fantasy? If it’s the latter, then you don’t even have to argue with it. Just drop it.
AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): Saturn and Neptune have been in opposition since August, and will continue to be until late June. This omen tells us that it’s prime time to dissolve rigid, outworn structures in both our personal lives and in society. Meanwhile, a grand trine in the fire signs is now upon us, featuring Jupiter, Saturn, and the sun. To celebrate this auspicious portent, you should think hard about how you can communicate better. Make new connections and alliances that will serve your long-term happiness. Scheme about how to get your good ideas heard by people who can help you manifest them. And for extra credit, Aquarius, meditate on how to coordinate the opportunities afforded you by the fire trine with the creatively destructive possibilities offered by the Saturn-Neptune dance.
PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): Paul Revere was a hero in the Revolutionary War, renowned for the midnight horse ride he risked to warn American militias of an imminent British attack. After it was over, he sent a bill for his work to the local rebel organization, the Committee of Safety. Four months later he was finally paid, although with a sum lower than the one he invoiced. Let’s compare these details to your imminent future, Pisces. First, I think that like Revere, you should ask forcefully to be rewarded for your idealistic efforts. But second, don’t be crushed if in response you’re treated as he was—paid late and in a smaller amount than you wanted. Third, there’s a good chance you’ll receive additional compensation from unexpected sources—maybe not exactly like Revere’s lasting fame, but something of value to you.