Week of March 4, 2011

Dear Mr KIA,
My mother-in-law recently passed me a Corningware bowl full of buah keluak to bring home. I took it home, ate it, and washed and dried the dish and lid. While putting the dish and lid away, I dropped the lid and it shattered. My mother-in-law is dropping by my place on Saturday for dinner and I need to return the set then. Is there a place to buy a Corningware lid without the container? It’s the second time I’ve done this in two months so I really don’t have the points to spare. Help!—Butterfingers
Dear Butterfingers,
Buah keluak—is your mother-in-law a Peranakan? I know how Peranakans are like with their dinnerware—scary. A female friend of mine experienced the same predicament so I can help with this one. Places like Tangs and FairPrice Finest stock Corelle and Corningware items, but if you’re worried about getting the exact size as your mother-in-law’s, you may want to try BHG (OG Albert Complex, 60 Albert St., 6210-2222). A couple of years ago, my friend was able to replace just the lid instead of buying the entire set. I’m not sure about now but you could try (and you should considering this is your SECOND time). I also recommend practicing putting your (plastic) crockery back in its place to avoid anymore mishaps in the future.
Dear Mr KIA,
I am usually too lazy to wash my hair and my friends tell me I should dreadlock them since you don’t have to shampoo dreadlocks. Is that even true? Also, my girlfriend told me I would look a lot cooler with dreadlocks. I would like to try this out but I have no idea where to start. Please recommend a good place? –Knotty Boi
Dear Knotty Boi,
Since when have I not recommended good places? I am appalled that you would even admit to me you’re too lazy to wash your hair, even more so that your girlfriend thinks dreadlocks are cool. Where did you find each other—in a Facebook group for hippies? If it’s a cool hairstyle you want, It’s Hairy (#14-100 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd., 6733-0976) specializes in the sort of, er, look you’re looking for. And while you’re at it, you might want to drop by Desigual (#01-18 VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, 6376-9117) for a tie-and-dye shirt. Your girlfriend will love it.