Welcome to Sixapore

Welcome to Sixapore, the little nation that dreams big. Six Olympic medals by 2016. Six medals to add to the two we’re going to win in London, and the two we’ve won in the past 45 years. Good thing our shooters are among our brightest hopes, as that’s one hell of a target.As the most glamorous of sports descends on the city once more, it’s time to cut through all the hot air (if only there were medals for dealing with hot air; we’d clean up!) and determine exactly which disciplines we ought to be focusing on. Those in the know say that we might, at a stretch, be able to win medals in swimming, sailing and table tennis. That leaves three more to reach the magic number. So let’s embrace what we’re good at and lobby for the following events to be included in the Rio de Janeiro program. We’ve got six years to make this happen, people.Running while talking on a handphone What is it with East Coast Park? Why do the runners insist on trying to close a deal and set a new personal best while they’re at it? Perhaps because these hardened specimens know that in years to come all sports will be about multitasking. Live blogging from the front of the Tour de France peleton. Headcams on World Cup players. It’s going to happen, folks. We have seen the future and it’s a 55-year-old man in tight shorts and a Bluetooth headset jogging past Jumbo Seafood.Armchair punditry Never in the field of sports has so much fuss been made by so many about so little. So national football coach Raddy Avramovic apparently lacks the support of some of his players. Big deal. Name any coach that isn’t under fire. But do we all have an opinion on the matter? You bet we do—we have an opinion on everything related to sports, backed up by years of self-taught statistics. What if we could channel this energy to better use? How about a medal for the nation that most accurately predicts which other nations will win medals?Juggling a family and a career Actual baby-tossing may have died out with the Aztecs. But nowadays we excel at seeing not how far we can throw a child as how far we can take our professional development while saving time for the kids. And as with any sport, it’s all about having the most advanced equipment. God help us if, as with those sharkskin swimming suits, they ban 4WD baby strollers in Rio. We’ll quite literally be left holding the baby.