The World and His Wife

As soundbites go, telling people that wives must “serve their husbands better than first-class prostitutes” takes some beating. (Although perhaps beating isn’t the best choice of words in this situation.) That’s what Rohaya Mohamed, VP of the now notorious Obedient Wives Club, officially launched in Malaysia earlier this month, said she saw as the solution to marital meltdowns and social ills. To avoid being misunderstood (heaven forbid), she went on to say that “a good wife is a good sex worker to her husband” and then asked “What is wrong with being a whore … to your husband?”It’s hard to know where to start with a question like that; the most appropriate response perhaps being to laugh dismissively and starve Ms Mohamed of the oxygen of publicity. (Oops.) But now comes news that the OWC is to open a Singapore chapter, potentially under the more innocuous title of the Happy Family Club. But do we really need this kind of offensive nonsense here? (The answer is obviously no – but bear with us for the purposes of a humorous column.)In light of all the male misbehavior that’s been in the news of late, surely there’s a greater call for a Disobedient Wives Club – a support group for women who also want to play away. Forget Weinergate, we want the next political scandal to involve a 45 year old married mother of two posting boob shots on Facebook. With all these cheating, sexting, love-child fathering men and ageing lotharios, it’s clear that husbands need to be kept on their toes a little more. So instead of adopting the OWC mantra of remaining a “virgin spiritually, mentally and physically”, perhaps our Disobedient Wives Club slogan could be “Remaining a virgin… but only when it comes to what olive oil we use.”In any event, it’d be nice to see the notion that women should be in any way subservient to men thrown on the bonfire of progress once and for all. So let’s instead fight like with like. That’s right – we’re calling for Singapore to set up the first outpost of the Obedient Husbands Club. After all, if anyone needs help understanding how to satisfy their partners it certainly ain’t the ladies. The question is, guys: Are you man enough to serve your wife like a first class gigolo?