10 Singapore food Instagrammers you need to follow now

From scrumptious photos of hawker fare and the latest cafe opening to artfully-styled meals, these passionate food Instagrammers have their finger on the hottest dining trends and the best places to eat in Singapore. These are the ones to follow:

1. @aun_koh


A photo posted by Aun / Chubby Hubby (@aun_koh) on

The ex-journalist, communications agency owner and blogger manages popular food site Chubby Hubby, which covers everything from high-brow to hawker cuisine, complete with recipes and drool-worthy pictures. 

2. @crystal_wee


A photo posted by Crystal Wee (@crystal_wee) on

This food blogger susses out the fanciest cafes with Kinfolk-style shots and a slight obsession with fancy waffles.

3. @explodingbelly


A photo posted by Clara Bean (@explodingbelly) on

Psychology student and foodie Clara Bean hunts down the most indulgent dishes (like this droolsome plate of duck waffles) in Singapore. 

4. @gninethree


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From decadent desserts, brunch buffets to yummy local favorites, sisters Char and Crystal present an unpretentious collection of food porn. 


5. @fundamentally_flawed


A photo posted by Sihan Lee (@fundamentally_flawed) on

Self-proclaimed professional nomad Lee Sihan documents her food journey in Singapore and beyond.

6. @leesamantha


A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

Food artist Samantha Lee cooks up pretty and whimsical plates of cartoon caricatures usinga  varied assortment of ingredients.


7. @pengloh


A photo posted by Loh Lik Peng (@pengloh) on

It’s no secret that restauranteur and head honcho of Unlisted Collection, Loh Lik Peng, is a major foodie. Follow his account on the newest and trendiest places to eat around town. 

8. @sgfoodonfoot


A photo posted by Derrick Tan (@sgfoodonfoot) on

Blogger Derrick Tan writes about the best places to eat around Singapore’s MRT stations, with a no-holds-barred focus on local food. 

9. @sulyntan


A photo posted by Su-Lyn Tan (@sulyntan) on

Food author Su-Lyn Tan, wife of Aun Koh and co-founder of Chubby Hubby, is the one to watch for the most progressive and atas plates. 


10. @daphotographer


A photo posted by John Heng (@daphotographer) on

Get tips from professional food photographer John Heng, who puts up artistic, stylized spreads of food.