10 people you’ll meet on Tinder in Singapore

Desperately seeking Mr/Ms Right Now on the hottest hookup app in town? With a cesspool of these characters, we think you’d probably rather be Netflixing at home on a Friday night.

The True Blue Patriot

Their lead picture is the black-and-white LKY memorial logo. If you don’t swipe on that, you really need to rethink your values.


The Mixed Messenger

They’re not looking to hook up, so don’t even think about it, you disgusting pervert—stop staring at their make-love-to-the-camera photos.


The New Age Athlete

They’re looking for someone who can belay them when they go rock-climbing and take pictures of them when they do yoga in unlikely places.


The Here-Today-Gone-Tomorrow

They’re only in Singapore for 18 hours, and are looking to revolutionize your life by letting you show them around town.


The Lobotomized Optimist

They love their life, they love their job, they love travelling, eating, cafes, good conversations, great friends, meaningful interactions, being thankful, being blessed and are looking for someone like-minded–definitely not you, Grumpypants.


The Pathologically Platonic

They’ve failed to make friends at work, at play, at home, at bars, at parties, at church. But someone told them that swiping on people’s sexy pictures is a great way to make friends. Won’t you prove them right, pretty please?


The Salesperson

Swipe right if you want to know more about their protein shakes/personal training classes/Mandarin lessons.


The Therapy Case

These sensitive souls have a lot of feelings and an overwhelming need to express themselves with every swipe they get.


The Wildlife Enthusiast

Here’s how to gauge the measure of an alpha male—by how much they love posing with large exotic animals. You know you’re pretty much in for a wild ride with this one.


The Ocean of Sincerity

Only like-minded, kind, compassionate, loyal, humble and thoughtful need apply, because if you don’t try, then you’ll never know.