11 pick-up lines you’ll hear at the National Gallery Singapore

The National gallery has finally opened its doors, and it’s still free entry. There have been lots of people making an entrance, which means that creeps—uh, we mean pick-up artists—will try their hand at finding a partner. Here’s how creative—or cheesey—they can get:

1. You’re here, too? Odette’s such a coincidence!

2. I love your body of work—those lines are so fine.

3. Girl, would you hold it against me if I said you’ve got such great Aura?

4. Either you’re really into me, or you’re all Smoke & Mirrors.

5. Pa-dang girl, you so fine.

6. Good thing this ain’t the Supreme Court anymore, or you’d be locked up for looking so good.

7. I can totally picture you cooking in my National Kitchen.

8. I’d like to brush up my strokes on a gorgeous work of art—you.

9. Are you single? Because I could totally picture us together.

10. If you were an exhibition here, it’d be Beauty Beyond Form.

11. Can I take a peek at your viewing gallery?