15 minutes with Actor Ayden Sng

Eu Yan Sang Singapore recently announced the appointment of Mediacorp artiste, Ayden Sng as their official brand ambassador for Essence of Chicken. We wanted to find out why Eu Yan Sang approached him to be their face for Essence of Chicken, and his thoughts about the brand and the product. We speak to him to find out more.


, 15 minutes with Actor Ayden Sng


How did you feel when Eu Yan Sang Singapore first approached you to be their official brand ambassador for their Essence of Chicken range of tonics?

I was pretty delighted I must say. Eu Yan Sang is a premium homegrown brand that I am a fan of, as I have been drinking Eu Yan Sang’s Essence of Chicken myself. To me, working with a brand that you organically buy products from always feels the most authentic.


How often do you drink Essence of Chicken?

I drink it whenever I am on a project. As long as I feel like I need the additional energy for the day, I’ll start my day with a bottle in the morning. I developed this habit from my younger days. My grandmother would prepare a bottle every morning during examination periods, and it (this habit) has just stuck with me even into adulthood.


What are your favourite Eu Yan Sang EOC variants and why?

I think the traditional one is great because that’s the taste of childhood for me. I also like the goji berries variant because they are good for my eyes. I take the American ginseng variant when I am super tired, and there’s also the Drip Essence of Chicken, which is essentially supercharged Essence of Chicken in my opinion.


, 15 minutes with Actor Ayden Sng


From all that we know and have read about you, your academic excellence, talent in music, we know you play the erhu, violin and piano, add that to your acting, hosting, and even directing interests and abilities; how do you accomplish all that?

As with all things, you’ve got to put in the hours if you want to achieve success. Like with the erhu, I spent an inordinate amount of time on it when I was younger, practicing 10 to 20 hours per week – which is a lot, considering school. Understanding how much time you have and investing your time wisely in your key interests is also essential.


So we heard that you’ve an interest in production and have even directed reels for fellow artiste friends. How are you like when you don the Director’s cap?

As a director who is also an actor, I feel like my main value-add is to make sure whoever I shoot looks good on screen. If any of the talents I shoot doesn’t look good, I’d scrap that shot and replace it with another one. I’m also really detailed when it comes to hair, makeup, and styling because these are struggles I face when I am the one in front of the camera.


, 15 minutes with Actor Ayden Sng


Do you have any life hacks to share on how to juggle your busy schedule and numerous demands in this fast-paced, ultra-connected world?

I think it boils down to being realistic in terms of the time we have and what we can accomplish in that time. We tend to want to do and take on everything that comes our way, but the truth is, we are limited by the time we have available. So we really need to understand our own bandwidth and set priorities accordingly.


Who would you recommend Eu Yan Sang’s Essence of Chicken to and why?

I would love to recommend Essence of Chicken to younger audiences. I feel like Essence of Chicken really benefitted me in my younger days when I needed the extra boost of energy for my studies, and even now on days when I need to film for long, extended hours. I continue to take Essence of Chicken to keep me fuelled for my work commitments. While many young people might not automatically be inclined towards TCM tonics and supplements, be it Essence of Chicken or herbal teas, I personally see Essence of Chicken as an effective energy tonic and a good way to supplement protein in my diet.


For more information on Eu Yan Sang and their range of Essence of Chicken, check out their website here.