16 great organizations in Singapore you can volunteer at

Singapore’s replete with Christmas-themed parties, dinners, people catching up with old friends and relatives at bars and restaurants; basically anything that has to do merry-making this month. However, it’s also the time for you to give back to society, so if there’s an issue that riles you up, be it the haze, animal abuse, poverty, sustainability or others, get involved with these hot button topcis by joining a movement. 


Green Drinks

This non-profit group, with outposts at over 660 cities, focuses on bringing together businesses, activists and other individuals interested in environmental causes. Participate in a series of free talks, round-table discussions and documentary screenings covering topics like marine bio-invasion, sustainability and climate change or join a mixer if you’d like to meet other like-minded members. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about these issues and how you can help, sign up for one of their talks or join a mixer—who knows, you might just start a movement.

The People’s Movement to Stop Haze

Launched following the aftermath of the 2013 haze fiasco—the worst in Singapore’s history—this 20-odd outfit aims to encourage Singaporeans to take a proactive stance against the haze problems, instead of whinging about it. Besides avoiding palm oil products (yes, chocolate is one of them), you can also volunteer to be part of their outreach efforts. 

Nature Society (Singapore)

The non-government, non-profit organization spreads the importance of conserving Singapore’s natural environment through a wide range of activities such as guided nature-appreciation walks, talks, overseas eco-trips and collaborations with schools and the community. Join as a member to participate in their events or volunteer with the group’s various eco projects. 

Waterways Watch Society

Since around 1998, WWS’s aim is to create both awareness and volunteer-run clean-ups around Singapore’s bodies of water. They have regular clean-ups at various locations.

Migrant Worker Issues


AIDHA provides classes in English, computer literacy, entrepreneurship and financial skills to Singapore’s domestic workers, so they can maximize their income potential in the long run. You can help by donating money or by applying to be a volunteer mentor or teaching a class.

The Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME)

Besides championing the rights of migrant workers in Singapore, the local organization also helps victims of human trafficking and forced labor while emphasizing on building an inclusive community. The group also provides support to those with grievances through counselling, consultation and representation services. You can volunteer with their outreach programs, publicity efforts and also by manning the helpline.

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC 2)

TWC2 takes on cases of unethical practices such as negligent workplace safety, long working hours, low wages, unpaid salaries, forced repatriation and poor accommodation among migrant workers. Join the cause as a member or volunteer to help with these issues. If you speak one of the languages of Singapore’s migrant communities, even better.  

Animal Welfare

House Rabbit Society

Rabbits get some love too—to reduce cases of abandonment, this welfare group is not only dedicated to raising awareness about responsible pet ownership, but also re-homing and fostering these critters. Their volunteers help with the group’s education programs, fundraisers, contributing articles to the website and newsletters and more. 

Mutts & Mittens

This community for dogs, cats and rabbits provides boarding services for pets and even a pool facility for dogs, but it also helps re-home rescued (mostly mature) dogs and cats at the shelter. Join their team of volunteers by registering at their website. 

LGBT Issues


They’ve been around since 1999 and started out as a support group for queer men before branching out to provide support, counselling sessions and various community services for the LGBT community here in Singapore. Now they need your help in order to continue the great work since their main sponsors have cut back funding this year, so get yourself a ticket to their fundraising supper

The T Project

This local transgender support group provides Singapore’s first shelter for homeless individuals of the community as well as championing various causes like empowerment, equality and creating an inclusive environment for all gender identities. Check out their Facebook page to find out how you can help.

The Purple Alliance

Here’s another group seeking to empower individuals of various gender identities by addressing issues of acceptance, societal prejudices and equality faced by the LGBT community. Supported by volunteers, the committee organizes events like mixers, and provides healthcare and counselling services and you can be part of it by signing up


Soup Kitchen Project

Providing meals for low-income individuals in Jalan Besar and Lavender Street since 2009, volunteers at this initiative help pack and distribute vegetarian dinners for the needy. If you’d like to give an extra pair of hands, join them every Monday from 6-8pm. 

ONE Singapore

The fight against poverty, climate change and sustainability may seem like an idealistic vision, but it’s still a worthy battle. This organization not only spreads awareness about environmental issues and those living on the fringes of a marginalized society, but also connects corporate and non-profit businesses with programs advocating the movement. You can be part of their campaign by joining as a volunteer. 

Habitat for Humanity (Singapore)

This non-profit, global organization tackles housing poverty by building modest homes for those in need. You can either sign up for stints to help build houses abroad, or lend a hand herethe Singapore outpost is behind Project HomeWorks, which cleans the homes of disadvantaged seniors. 

RDA Singapore

It’s the only organization here providing Equine Assisted Therapy & Hippotheraphy to those with disabilities, a form of physical therapy for cognitive improvement. These free horse-riding sessions also benefits by boosting the morale of those with physical impairments. You can help by signing up as a side-walker, accompanying the riders. Training is provided.