20 Singlish phrases we wish would make a comeback

Our daily speech used to be peppered with these Singlish phrases. Here are 20 of our favorite ones. 

1. Ponteng
What it means:
 To play truant.
How it’s used: Want to pon school today?

2. Sabo
What it means: To sabotage
How it’s used: I don’t want to go for that meeting. You don’t sabo me ah.

3. Yaya Papaya
What it means: Show off or arrogant
How it’s used: He is damn yaya papaya.

4. Steady 
What it means: Yes, let’s do it. Or it could also mean asking someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend.
How it’s used: 1.  A: Let’s go eat chili crab. B: Steady. 2. Boy: Want to go steady? 

5. Abothen
What it means: What else? Often used sarcastically.  
How it’s used: A: Do chickens lay eggs? B: Abothen.

6. Kan Cheong Spider
What it means:
 Someone who is always nervous or uptight.
How it’s used: You still have one month, why you worrying now? So kan cheong spider.

7. Blur Sotong
What it means: A clueless person.
How it’s used: You’re such a blur sotong! Show you so many times already still don’t know. 

8. Obiang
What it means: Really outdated, especially fashion
How it’s used: Why you go and buy this bag? So obiang.

9. Lobang
What it means: 
It’s a Malay word and directly translates to gap or hole. In Singlish, it means tips or clues or contacts.
How it’s used: I’m looking for a good property agent. You got lobang?

10. Kayu
What it means: 
Silly or unintelligent
How it’s used: Why is he so kayu? Show him so many times already, he still do it wrong.

11. Bao Toh
What it means: 
To tell on someone
How it’s used: I saw A stealing B’s food. Should I bao toh him?

12. Alamak
What it means: Oh no or Oh my god
How it’s used: Alamak, I forgot to buy food for my mom.

13. Goondu
What it means: 
How it’s used: Why you so goondu?

14. Tai Ko
What it means: 
Lucky; a fluke
How it’s used: Ali gets a lucky shot when playing soccer. His team mates would describe that lucky shot as tai ko.

15. Cheem
What it means:
 Very profound, hard to understand
How it’s used:  I don’t understand what you’re taking about, very cheem.

16. Orbi
What it means: 
Serves you right
How it’s used: A: Ouch, the parrot bit me. B: Orbi, who ask you to poke him?

17. Sekali
What it means: 
What if
How it’s used: Let’s bring an umbrella with us. Sekali rain then how?

18. Tom Ba Lek
What it means: 
Upside down or inside out
How it’s used: How come his shirt is tom ba lek?

19. Stylo Milo
What it means: 
A very stylish person
How it’s used: Wah, she very stylo milo ah.

20. Action
What it means: 
Show Off
How it’s used: Don’t so action can?