Next year, you’ll be biking through the North-South Expressway

The LTA continues to try and make cycling and walking a thing in Singapore. The latest in that mission is a plan to make the North-South Expressway and Bencoolen Street more friendly to cyclists and pedestrians. By 2017, which is only next year btw, they’re going to build cycling lanes (and express bus lanes) along the North-South Expressway.

The new North-South Expressway will be a 21.5km stretch that links estates in the North to the city center, and will be called the North-South Corridor. So far, there’s a mock-up of these roads, with trees lining the surface and all the traffic moving underground. Over at Bencoolen, two extra lanes will be turned over to pedestrians, too.

It looks like cycling and walking to work may be a thing in the future. More details here.