3 go-karting tracks in Singapore to test your driving skills

The thrill of driving a Formula 1 car is something that only a select few ever get to experience. For everyone else, there’s go-karting! While they might lack the glamor of the Marina Bay Street Circuit, and your top speed will be measured in tens rather hundreds of kilometers per hour, you can bet that the races on these circuits will be as competitive as any involving Messrs Hamilton and Rosberg.

Note: A driving license is required for karts with a top speed of 50km/h but not for karts with a top speed of 30km/h.

KF1 Karting Circuit

Opened in 2014, KF1 is a state-of-the-art karting facility; they even have an app for you to check your timings and other stats. Their track at the Singapore Turf Club has many claims to fame. At 960m, it’s the longest in Singapore (and allows the pros to hit 110km/h), the only dual direction circuit in the world and offers Singapore Grand Prix-style night racing. Prices start at $28 for a 10-minute session.

The Karting Arena

Opened last year at Turf City in Bukit Timah, The Karting Arena has a 500m circuit made up of 11 meandering turns. If you’re going with a bunch of friends, choose the F1 race format, where only one will emerge champion. Need a bit of training before you hit the track? Familiarize yourself with the help of their racing simulators which let you choose from actual F1 circuits around the world or The Karting Arena’s own racetrack. Prices start at $25 for 15 rounds on the racetrack, and $10 for 10 minutes on the simulator.

Kartright Speedway

Kartright Speedway became Singapore’s first competitive karting track when it opened in 2009—the result of more than a decade of work by enthusiasts from Karting Club Singapore. Their challenging 750m circuit can accommodate 10 racers at any one time and they also offer two-seater karts with shared steering columns—perfect for driving with children and first-timers. Prices start at $33 for 10 minutes.