3 things that made us go WTF this week

From one of the world’s healthiest breakfasts to a poor sense of timing, here’s what made us go WTF this week in Singapore.

1. A timing Khaw-k up

“Yesterday, Downtown Line (DTL) crossed an important milestone: 150 days without any major service disruption,” posted Minister of Transport Khaw Boon Wan on his Facebook page. “It achieved the 100-day milestone on 31 Jan, together with Circle Line (CCL).”
Normally, that would be good news, but that wasn’t the most significant SMRT issue on the minds of Singaporeans at the time. The tragic deaths of two young SMRT employees was only addressed after this in Minister Khaw’s post which duly received more than 2,000 “angry” reactions from Singaporeans appalled by the lack of sensitivity.

2. Over-the-top remembrances

To be honest, commemorations of the life of founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew were generally subdued and tasteful, but of course, there were a few that went just a little too far. The folks at Fabrications About The PAP attributed a scene of sunlight filtering through clouds as the supernatural return of “Gong Gong Lee”, though the man himself wasn’t a believer in the afterlife, as pointed out by The Independent.  
Reports that kindergarten students were made to bow before his portrait were a little too creepy for our tastes, and yes, we know there are people named after him. You won’t let us forget. And we look forward to the running commentary on the rest of their lives.

3. Nasi lemak – your new healthy option

It might literally be called “fatty rice”, but hey, if TIME Magazine says nasi lemak is one of the world’s most healthy breakfasts, who are we to doubt them? We’re just going to keep eating chicken rice and roti prata with extra ghee while we wait for confirmation of their connections to the proverbial Fountain of Youth.