4 things that made us go WTF in Singapore last week

It’s been a week full of WTF moments, ranging from the censoring of an LGBTQIA segment on Ellen, fussing over Madonna’s concert in Singapore, and a barricaded void deck. Here’s what new and annoying lately:

1. President Obama’s LGBT speech on the Ellen show censored here

The Ellen Show aired on TV, and in it, she interviewed President Obama. But nothing gets erased in cyberspace: the keyboard warriors quickly noticed that the bit where Ellen praised Obama in his steps to fight for equality for the LGBTQIA community was censored. Naturally, people started posting the uncensored segment on social media.

2. Heritage sites to make way for new Tanjong Pagar line

Yet another heritage site may be torn down in the name of progress, as parts of a historical area in Tanjong Pagar will be demolished to make way for the Prince Edward MRT station. The places that will be gone are the six Parsi graves that will be leveled, and Palmer House, which was built in 1956. 

3. Surprise, surprise: pastors here are against Madonna concert

, 4 things that made us go WTF in Singapore last week Photo credit: Kevin Mazur
There was much hoo-ha over Madonna’s concert (again), after Archbishop William Goh warned against supporting [those who] “denigrate and insult religions”. Goh went further and said that  “we cannot afford to be overly permissive in favour of artistic expression at the expense of respect for one’s religion”. A social media storm started brewing with lots of trolling. Sigh.

4. (Questionable) Void deck Barriers

, 4 things that made us go WTF in Singapore last week
Someone by the name of Sua posted an image of a barricaded void deck on social media, and later made its way to other news sites. The original post argued on Facebook that it was a place for people to hang out and had the potential for creativity, and that the railings were unneccessary. The town council’s public relations manager, Ms Shirley Aloysius, said that it was to prevent people from playing football, and that the barricades could be removed for weddings and funerals. A big fuss over nothing or a legit concern? You decide.