4 things in Singapore that made us go WTF this week

More WTF news are making the headlines this week, ranging from a (neverending) debate on the construction of the Cross Island Line to the Tesla debacle. Here’s what’s new and annoying lately:

1. An extra 6 mins on Cross Island Line is a big deal

, 4 things in Singapore that made us go WTF this weekMacRitchie Reservoir, photo credit: Zaqqy J

The Cross Island Line saga continues with Transport minister Khaw Boon Wan saying that choosing to skirt around the Central Catchment Nature Reserve will cost communters an additional six minutes of travelling time, “because for the MRT commuters, (an) extra half a minute is terrible.” Unsurprisingly, his rationale behind the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) plan to cut through the MacRitchie area sparked a hilarious online spoof of his comments.

2. The Benjamin Lim case

, 4 things in Singapore that made us go WTF this weekPhoto credit: Vetatur Fumare

It’s been a grim week as the Benjamin Lim case made headlines on local and international news. Many were concerned about how the police were allowed to interview the 14-year-old student, who took his own life after being questioned by the authorities for a molestation case, without the presence of a parent, teacher or counsellor. In a statement, Home Affairs minister K. Shanmugam said, “Young people get picked up for a wide range of offences, from rioting, sexual assault, physical assault to murder, some could be involved in very serious matters. Police need to move quickly, arrest, investigate before the others destroy evidence.”

3. Tesla brouhaha

, 4 things in Singapore that made us go WTF this weekTesla website

In an unfortunate debacle, a local consumer had reportedly spent months trying to get his electric Tesla Model S car licenced, so it could be driven on Singapore roads. He was also taxed $15,000 for having for having a non-fuel-efficient car, instead of being given the Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme rebate of the same amount. In a report by Stuff, he said, “I don’t get it, there are no emissions. Then they send out the results from VICOM, stating that the car was consuming 444 watt hour per kilometre (Wh/km). These are not specs that I have seen on Tesla’s website, or anywhere else for that matter. And then underneath it, there’s a conversion to CO2 emission.”

4. Singles can’t rent public rental flats alone

, 4 things in Singapore that made us go WTF this weekPhoto credit: HDB

It’s hard being single in family-friendly Singapore, what with pro-children groups reminding your of your ticking biological clock in an in-your-face nation-wide campaign. Now, minister of State for National Development Koh Poh Koon has stated in Parliament that single tenants are not allowed to rent a public rental flat alone, with the exception of special cases. Under the current Joint Singles Scheme, tenants will have to find another eligble single to share the flat with and this clause remains even in the case of a dispute. Time to get on Tinder, guys.