4 weird and wacky things that happened in Singapore this week

From photos breastfeeding moms going viral, a ‘prize-winning’ image with a photoshopped airplane and lots more. We give you the lowdown on what made headlines recently.

Photographer Jen Pan made headlines this week for her photo series that features breastfeeding moms in public. In a statement on Facebook, which 3,627 likes and nearly 900 shares, she states that she did it to highlight the discrmination that mothers face when pumping milk at work. 

An image with a photoshopped airplane won Nikon’s photo competition, and some eagle-eyed netizens complained on Nikon’s Facebook page. Later, the photographer who goes by yuuuuuwei ‘fessed up and said that he did, indeed, alter the image, and apologized on Instagram. That didn’t stop the public from taking the original image and replacing the plane with other images, just for laughs.

You can now order a lion dance with Uber, so if you need a little more huat in your life, you can ask for this service during Chinese New Year. It may take a while as there may be loads of people using the app, so be patient. It costs $158 (of course the number eight has to be in the price somewhere) and it will be billed to the user’s account. There’s even a short clip here that shows you what a lion dance is like (if CNY is a foreign concept to you, that is).

A Singapore woman was thought to be missing for 10 days, but it turns out that she was just visiting her boyfriend in Bucharest, Romania. Cheryl Yap and her mother took off on Jan 22, and her father later discovered that she had booked a ticket to Romania with Apr 16 being the return date. According to The New Nation, she and her boyfriend bonded over Japanese manga and are working together to make Youtube videos. Isn’t that sweet?