5 cool watersports to beat the heat

The fitspo bandwagon is filled with never-ending marathons, hip fads (fitness parties, anyone?), new yoga studios and even fitness passes which have launched in recent months. If the buzz that’s been surrounding these trends is too much for you, get away from it all by trying these five watersports activities. 

1. Water-ski with pros

First timers to the sport might want to head down to Extreme Sports and Marketing (www.extreme.com.sg), a wakeboarding and waterskiing school with 35 years of experience under their belt. Their instructors are professionals who offer personalised, one-on-one lessons for beginners ($150 for four lessons) or if you’ve got your basics down pat, then level up with a personal training program ($500 for 20 lessons). The rates are the same if you want to try wake boarding, too.

2. Dive in open waters

Learn the basics of diving and travel to exotic islands with Living Seas (www.livingseas.com.sg), a scuba diving school. You’ll be armed with technical know-how while soaking up the sun in gorgeous beaches like Tioman and Bintan. Don’t miss their next diving trip on Sep 11. Classes start at $100 for a refresher.

3. Hop on a board

If you’re up for a challenge, then try flowboardinga combination of surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding, at Wave House Sentosa (www.wavehousesentosa.com). Here, you’ll be riding on the FlowRider wave that flows at 32km/h (from $35 for one hour on weekdays), which is pretty tame for beginners. But if you consider yourself above amateur, then go on the FlowBarrel ($30 for 30 mins), which mimics actual waves that surfers ride.

4. Strap on a water-propelled jetpack

If you’ve been harboring superhero fantasies, dream no more. Feel like a bona fide action star when you launch yourself 30 feet above water at a neck-breaking speed of 25mph with a jetpack at SeaBreeze (www.seabreeze.com.sg). It’s water-propelled, which means that the jetpack is connected to a speedboat that uses a water pump to send you up in the air.  But don’t worry, you’ll be trained by certified instructors first. Basic training starts at $228 for 45 mins.

5. Rev up your own power boat

Impress your friends by zipping around in a sleek power boat at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (www.rsyc.org.sg). First, you have to get a pleasure craft driving licensecourses with theory and practical lessons start at $320 for non-members of the club.