5 Singapore Stories You Might Have Missed This Weekend

#1. The Singapore Zoo paraded some miniature horses around for Chinese New Year. Bronies across the island rejoiced. 

#2. The #youknowyouresingaporeanwhen twitter trend reached dizzying new heights of banality. #youknowyouresingaporeanwhen this is considered news. 

#3. Facebook announced an all-new reader app, Paper, which launches today (February 3) on iOS. What’s that you say? You already have the Facebook app? Ah yes, but this one allows you to customise what you see by category type. If you like over-dramatic tag lines, it’s a potential “Flipboard killer”! (Not strictly a Singpore story ’tis true. But sure to be obsessed over here.)

In other “apps you’re going to need an opinion on this week” news: slideshow sharing app Flipagram is currently the most downloaded free app in the App Store (in the US, at least). 

#4. Singapore’s first pop up urban farm opened. It’s in a carpark at People’s Park Complex and it’s here till the end of March.

#5. The God of Fortune was spotted on a Tigerair flight to Taipei. Evidently his fortune no longer extends to buying a halfway realistic stick on beard.