5 things that made us go WTF last week in Singapore

From botched wedding photos to sizzling temperatures, here’s what made us go WTF in Singapore last week.

Best day of my life

You saw the originals. Then you watched them become memes. And finally you basked in the glory of the movie posters. What was meant to be the happiest day of Jaclyn Ying’s life turned into a farce as she accidentally discovered the Leonardo da Vinci of awkward wedding photos. Bizarre facial expressions, ludicrous poses, poor composition and creepy filters combined to produce a series of images that were an art form all of their own. We must say though, that’s one way to make your Facebook friends actually care about your wedding photos.

Just follow law

In a case that has “WTF” writ large over it in bold red letters, a woman has been acquitted of the sexual assault of a teenage girl for the most ridiculous reason. Zunika Ahmad, 39, is biologically female, but has lived as a man for two decades. She even married two women using a fake identity during this time. Zunika assaulted the girl using “external aids” and going by the letter of the law, that’s a crime that only a man can be convicted of. We have to wonder if there are any other mind-boggling legal loopholes waiting to be discovered. 

Heel the world

Women and their shoes, huh? According to a survey conducted by Chic Outlet Shopping, there might be some truth to the stereotype/bad joke. From their sample of 1,000 women in Singapore and Malaysia, they found that Singaporean women save as much as $1,000 a month for shoe shopping and will splurge up to $204,000 on footwear in a lifetime. One question was pretty common among bemused commenters on social media, however. Who are these women? And did anyone interview any men? Or do they just tie plastic bags on their feet?

The heat is on

No, it’s not just you. And yes, this is one time where it’s acceptable to make small talk about the weather. The temperature in Singapore hit 36.7°C on Apr 13, the highest temperature recorded in a decade and just 0.3°C below the highest temperature ever recorded here. Last month was also Singapore’s driest March in a century. The Meteorological Service has told us to expect another two weeks of similar temperatures.

Still waters

And with the blistering heat comes another issue to consider–maintaining our water supply. Well, things aren’t exactly peachy over at Linggiu Reservoir in Johor, supplier of half of Singapore’s water. The water level there dropped to a record low of 36.9% last week. Spend less time in the shower, folks.