Lots of vibrant colors, heritage and eye-pleasing art. 

Little India has always been a vibrant, upbeat neighborhood with lots to do and see. But it’s about to get even more exciting this month, thanks to a collab between Lasalle College of the Arts, STB and the Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association. As part of the Singapore Art Week, the ArtWalk Little India will see six gorgeous large-scale commissioned murals. Take an evening off and explore Little India to have a look at these murals and participate in the various fringe activities. Volunteers will also be there to guide you along and provide you with goodie bags that contain water, booklets and a raincoat.

Start near the main performance area along Clive Street

When you’re here, you can spot some colorful cow installations scattered around the small field. Behind the main performance stage, you will find the huge mural of a girl with a red camo head scarf against a white and yellow background. This mural depicts the changing landscape of Little India, marrying the elements of the old and new, as you can see from the camo pattern.  

What is it: I Am Still Here by Safaruddin Bin Abdul Hamid
Where you can find it: Clive Street, beside the main performance stage


Leave the performance area and cross diagonally to Dunlop Street

Watch the beginnings of Little India come alive along a stretch of blue wall with an Indian girl painted in multiple colors inspired by Little India itself. The mural is a work in progress, so if you’re lucky, you’ll get to catch well-known local artist Traseone, who has held solo exhibitions in the past and painted Facebook’s Singapore office, at work.

What is it: Alive @ Clive by Traseone
Where you can find it: Dunlop Street, at Haniffa Textiles wall


Walk to the end of Upper Dickson Road and stop just before you reach the main road

There’ll be a stretch of murals of Indian dancers in their movements from various dance forms like Kathakali, Bharatanatyam, Odissi and Dandiya Rass that narrate traditional stories, sitting atop a blue and white tiled background.

What is it: Kathaka by Didier “Jaba” Mathieu
Where you can find it: Upper Dickson Road


Around the corner from Little India’s Exit E, you will spot a wall of rainbow-colored buffalos

Eunice Lim, the same artist who painted Cattleland last year (it’s gone now), has a penchant for engaging the community in her work. For Cattleland 2, she spoke to former residents of Buffalo Street, who gave her their anecdotes of seeing the old street filled buffaloes running around. She also invited members of the public (from nine years old to late twenties) to contribute by painting the buffalos on the mural, which are designed with colorful patterns of flowers and clouds.

What is it: Cattleland 2 by Eunice Lim
Where you can find it: Kerbau Road


Tucked away in an alley beside an old pink building is a wall of white jasmine flowers

Walk down deeper into the alley to get the best view of this mural as the painting starts from the door and continues along the wall and completely covering it. The mural is symbolic of the migrant worker’s hard work for their family. While you’re there, try your hand at stringing together fresh flowers to make a beautiful garland.

What is it: Madan Morga, Jasmine of the City by Nadiah Alsagoff
Where you can find it: Kerbau Road


Walk down Hindoo Road and find the carpark next to a field of colorful umbrellas

This is by far the biggest mural on the ArtWalk. Local artist Zero explained that it’s the biggest painting he’s ever done, and amazingly only took 24 hours to complete instead of the original two weeks that was planned. The mural features popular Indian superstar Rajinikanth.

What is it: Working Class Hero by Mohd Zulkarnaen Bin Othman (Zero)
Where you can find it: 11 Hindoo Road (carpark)