6 services we’d like Grab to introduce

GrabCar, GrabTaxi, GrabHitch, GrabShare, GrabFamily, GrabCoach—the folks at Grab offer a bewildering array of services that cover just about every type of commuter. Now, they’ve introduced JustGrab, linking you with the nearest fixed fare car or taxi. Rolling out in stages between now and Mar 29, JustGrab promises shorter waiting times and affordable fares, subject to “dynamic pricing”. With so much Grabbing going on, we’ve been wondering what the company might offer next. Here are our suggestions.


Whether we’re pursuing the latest Hello Kitty collection or Michelin-starred chicken rice, Singaporeans have made a national pastime of waiting in queues. GrabQ will deploy the nearest available queuing specialist to do the lining up for you, ensuring that you don’t lose anymore sleep (and stop skiving from work).


Grab already offers cars and buses, so why not Grab an entire MRT train? Just get about a thousand of your closest friends together and you’ll finally have the opportunity to clear your backlog of SingLit on your morning commute.


You might love pets, but not everyone has the resources to own their own furkids. GrabKitty fills that void by delivering a pretty kitty to your doorstep whenever you need one. All you have to do then is bask in the glow of its judgmental looks and flood your Facebook feed with videos that aren’t actually as adorable as you think they are. We can think of at least one American politician who’ll approve of this service.


It’s 2am. You’ve had a wild night out and you’ve just arrived at the bak chor mee stall only to realise that your wallet is empty and the nearest ATM belongs to the wrong bank. That’s when you need GrabATM. Their dedicated fleet of mobile tellers will rush out a wad of bills ASAP. Don’t forget to tip.


Need a packet of tissue to chope your table? Need to do some extra cleaning up after a particularly messy bowl of laksa? No sign of your favorite tissue paper seller? That’s where the lifesavers of GrabTissue come in. Also handy when you realise too late that your cubicle has no more toilet paper.


With all the services that Grab offers these days, it’s getting tricky to know what to Grab and when to Grab it. GrabGrab will pair you with a Grabber who’ll make sure you Grab the Grab service that’s right for you.