There is always a shortcut to everything.

We are proudly fond of abbreviating everything from the titles of our government organizations to the names of our highways, so it's no surprise that time-starved Singaporeans use peculiar acronyms at work, too. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. CSI

What is it: Crime Scene Investigation

What it really means: Putting your cyber sleuthing skills to use, typically for digging up salacious dirt on fellow colleagues to dispense by the watercooler.

2. D&D

What is it: Dinner & Dance

What it really means: An annual company event/mixer, also known as the prom night of the corporate world where you either go big, or go home. 


What is it: For your necessary action

What it really means: A classic tai-chi move, usually executed by bad bosses or colleagues delegating/dumping their own work responsibilities on hapless minions. 

4. KIV 

What is it: Keep in view

What it really means: Typically applies to an unpopular idea suggested during meetings that's tactfully put on the back burner by your bosses or colleagues. 

5. IC

What is it: In-charge

What is really means: The hierarchical order at work. Also refers to a superior who can make or break your day. 

6. NATO 

What is it: No action, talk only

What it really means: This straight-forward local abbreviation applies to clients/co-workers/bosses who talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. 


What is it: To be advised/To be confirmed

What it really means: Three options—I can't deal with this right now, please check back, never; or I really am not sure about this. 

8. TQ

What is it: Thank you

What it really means: You've been such a great help, really.