8 local acronyms only Singapore desk warriors would know

We are proudly fond of abbreviating everything from the titles of our government organizations to the names of our highways, so it’s no surprise that time-starved Singaporeans use peculiar acronyms at work, too. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. CSI

What is it: Crime Scene Investigation

What it really means: Putting your cyber sleuthing skills to use, typically for digging up salacious dirt on fellow colleagues to dispense by the watercooler.

2. D&D

What is it: Dinner & Dance

What it really means: An annual company event/mixer, also known as the prom night of the corporate world where you either go big, or go home. 


What is it: For your necessary action

What it really means: A classic tai-chi move, usually executed by bad bosses or colleagues delegating/dumping their own work responsibilities on hapless minions. 

4. KIV 

What is it: Keep in view

What it really means: Typically applies to an unpopular idea suggested during meetings that’s tactfully put on the back burner by your bosses or colleagues. 

5. IC

What is it: In-charge

What is really means: The hierarchical order at work. Also refers to a superior who can make or break your day. 

6. NATO 

What is it: No action, talk only

What it really means: This straight-forward local abbreviation applies to clients/co-workers/bosses who talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. 


What is it: To be advised/To be confirmed

What it really means: Three options—I can’t deal with this right now, please check back, never; or I really am not sure about this. 

8. TQ

What is it: Thank you

What it really means: You’ve been such a great help, really.