All Death Matters aims to spark “die-logues” through creative storytelling

Discussions regarding death and end-of-life planning can be touchy, but here to de-stigmatise and offer insights to these sensitive conversations is All Death Matters, a new graphic novel illustrated by local artist James Tan.

Commissioned by private philanthropic organisation Lien Foundation, the 72-page publication invites healthcare professionals and members of the public to understand the complex and emotional issues which confront attending physicians, the dying, and their loved ones.

All Death Matters follows the journey of a young doctor who works in a hospital, drawing attention to the dilemmas and questions surrounding end-of-life planning. Inspired by real-life experiences of healthcare professionals in Singapore, readers are taken through encounters such as families grappling with deaths of loved ones, as well as healthcare workers managing their emotions while providing the best level of care.


It's the first graphic novel in Singapore to spotlight matters of death and palliative care, and is part of the foundation’s ongoing Life Before Death initiative which began in 2006 to improve care for the dying in ageing Singapore. The aim is to spark “die-logues” through the creative use of diverse platforms such as digital media, art, design, film, photography and research.

It is also the organisation’s second collaboration with Tan; the previous collaboration All That Remains shed light on the struggles faced by persons with dementia and their caregivers.

Available for loan at all public libraries from mid-April 2021, the Foundation is also giving away 100 copies of All Death Matters to interested members of the public from now till Apr 4. Simply click here for more details.

For more information about All Death Matters, click here.