This app rewards you for supporting your favorite local charities

Mobile community platform and social enterprise Happi launches its new app which lets you donate to a cause or charity in just 30 seconds through shopping for deals on products or experiences featured—all without spending a single cent.

Here’s how it works: members accumulate Smiles credits by taking five-question surveys under 12 categories ranging from travel to dining, which they can use to “purchase” a deal. For each Smiles credit used, Happi will donate 10 cents to a charity or cause of your choice. Users will also get a chance to enter a giveaway lucky draw of the item featured in the deal they have selected. And for every 10 deals chosen in a month, they will get an extra chance to win each item selected. 

Currently, there are 45 teams, clubs, charities, student groups and community groups benefiting from this initiative, like Habitat for Humanity, Save Our Street Dogs, Nanyang Technological University’s Welfare Services Club, the Wheelchair Racing Association and Edible Garden City.

The app, which is available for both iOS and Android users, is free. More information here.