Apparently, Singaporeans are the unhappiest workers in the region

We’d like to think that with all the new bars and restaurants opening, outdoor parties and film festivals happening every other week, we’d be able to have an enjoyable, balanced life despite having to slog it out at work. But a recent survey conducted by Jobstreet has shown that Singaporeans are actually the unhappiest workers as compared to six other Southeast Asian countries, namely Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Philippines, which actually topped the Regional Job Happiness Index at 6.25 out of a 10-point scale rating.

One of the few main reasons, according to the study which was conducted in June last year with more than 67,000 participants in various position levels across the seven countries, is due to the lack of efficient leadership in the office. Workers here are also looking for opportunities to advance in their career through trainings and promotion as well as the possibility of promotion in their current job. The company’s reputation, location of the office and provision of good colleagues are also found to be factors for for Singaporean workers to be happy in their jobs.

You can learn more about the findings here.