Are you a Singapore yuccie?

The internet sensation of the past couple of weeks has been the death of the hipster and the rise of the yuccie (pronounced yuckie)—young urban creatives who pursue their bliss but make good money and buy nice things while doing it. Basically, a lovechild between a hipster and a yuppie. Sounded like a lot of hip young Singaporeans to us. Here’s a helpful little questionnaire to identify if you’re one of them.

Do you:

  • Buy sixpacks of craft beer for your fridge at Thirsty’s?
  • Do freelance PR/marketing specializing in Instagram?
  • Own a copy of Sonny Liew’s The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet?
  • Make time every year for a yoga retreat in Ubud?
  • Feel utterly fulfilled at your dream job in a Little India shophouse?
  • Sell pricey artisanal food products at Kranji Countryside Farmers Market, having quit a corporate job?
  • Or do creative branding work for Google, Airbnb, Facebook or places like that?
  • Live in an aging HDB that’s tricked out with gorgeous interior design inspired by old kopitiams?
  • Repost articles/petitions decrying gentrification in Tiong Bahru/ Geylang?
  • Rent a desk at The Working Capitol where you’re planning world domination with your creative start-up?
  • Dress almost exclusively in unlined blazers made with eco-friendly, socially-conscious fabrics that cost hundreds of dollars? 
  • Have a blog that’s gotten big and can afford an editorial assistant?

If you answered yes to three or more, congratulations, you’re a Singapore yuccie. Go forth and change the world.