Awaken your dreams with CLASS101

Dreams. We’ve all had them at some point in our lives, but like many others, we lose them as we dive headfirst into the unforgiving rat race that builds our society.

Committed to keeping more dreams alive, CLASS101 was founded on a vision to build a world where anyone can live doing what they love. Boasting over a thousand enriching classes across an entire spectrum of industries and craft, get started on a new skill or hobby alongside active classmates across 119 countries, or monetise your gifts and passion by opening classes for the masses.


, Awaken your dreams with CLASS101


Amongst a multitude of other industry professionals, find classes by Singaporean DJ MYRNE – who’ve worked with international stars the likes of Martin Garrix, Jai Wolf, and LAUV – on music production, starting from 12 Jul onwards.

Pick up a skill or two from top industry leaders on subjects ranging from music, dance, and photography, to animation, fitness, and many more.


, Awaken your dreams with CLASS101


International personalities to learn from on CLASS101 also include Korean producers and artists GRAY and GroovyRoom, Tik Tok influencer and photographer David Suh, fitness influencer Megan Bower, and many other classes slated to be opening over this Summer.


To find out more about this up and coming platform, visit CLASS101’s official website here.