Be Good: 6 Great Singapore charities to give your time or money to

It’s certainly nothing to be proud of: Singapore has one of the highest income inequality gaps in the world. And when we’re making headlines for being the world’s most expensive city, or home to the world’s most profitable nightclub, it’d be easy to think we don’t care all that much about the less well-off folks here. But that belies that fact that there are a host of charities doing some truly great work. Here we pick six to whom you can volunteer your time, or simply donate some money. 


Willing Hearts:

This volunteer-based organization helps the needy and underprivileged. They run a variety of initiatives, but perhaps the most important is the distribution of free meals and water on the streets of Singapore every Friday night.

Riding for the Disabled:

The people behind this charity believe that just because disabled people can’t do everything, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do anything at all. The initiative provides horseback riding therapy programs for disabled children and adults. They are always keen on ‘sidewalkers’ who guide the horses and disabled riders around the stable and in doing so provide therapeutic stimulation.

United Medicare Centre:

This elderly folks’ home is constantly looking for volunteers who will help with tasks like haircutting, gardening, sewing, cooking, and a variety of other activities. The center looks for those who will befriend the elderly (some of whom have dementia or Alzheimer’s) to give them the compassion and care they deserve.


Yellow Ribbon Project:

Help ex-offenders overcome their past and give them second lease of life. Often, their families are marginalized for being associated with repentant ex-offenders. Your money can help rehabilitate and initiate these people back into society.

Down’s Syndrome Association:

Help those with Down’s Syndrome better integrate into society by donating to this worthy cause. Not only do they focus on social integration and equal opportunities, they also provide support for families for the lifelong journey of coping with the disadvantage. 

Make-A-Wish Foundation:

This well-known foundation helps children with life-threatening medical conditions. Your money helps make their wishes come true and gives them strength to keep fighting.

There are many, many more charities in need of support. You can find out more at SG Gives; or tell us in the comments which charities you admire and we’ll follow up in a future story.