The best April Fool’s jokes in Singapore this year

While you were busy pulling off pranks on friends and colleagues (or being pranked), the powers that be summoned the creative prowesses to create a series of “public announcements” and fake news that left the ones who forgot it was Apr 1 vulnerable and distraught. It’s the one day of the year where paranoia and distrust is at an all time high, where deals sound too good to be true and announcements are meant to cheat feelings. A couple of brands and outlets had a couple of tricks up their sleeves this year, pulling some of the more interesting and almost believable fake news and pranks in Singapore.

Ribena’s new lightly sparkling durian and blackcurrant flavor

We weren’t sure if durian lovers actually rejoiced at this “exciting” new flavor, but Ribena Singapore put in a lot of effort in following through with a can design. Now we’re really curious how this combination would taste.

Amazon Singapore launches their website with MerlionEcho

, The best April Fool’s jokes in Singapore this year

Amazon made the announcement that there were plans to expand in Singapore this year, but just a couple of weeks back, they released a statement that they were going to postpone their entrance into Southeast Asia. So when they finally pulled this “surprise launch” for the Singapore site, it seemed very likely, except for the fact that they were promoting a product called MerlionEcho; a Singapore version of Amazon’s Alexa that understands and can speak Singlish. Another great sounding idea but you can’t fool us, Amazon!

A local company unveils beanbags with customized butt seats

, The best April Fool’s jokes in Singapore this year

Everybody loves a good beanbag to sit and relax on, especially the ones that really mould themselves into the countours of your body for extra comfort. Doob Beanbags, a local store that specializes in these things, decided to offer a “butt-scan” service for customized bean bags that will fit customers’ unique butt-shape. Were you the butt of the joke?  

Foodpanda launches a… panda resort?

We all know them as the people who bring us food when we’re too lazy or too busy to get them ourselves. But apparently Foodpanda seemed like they were about to venture into a new wellness retreat they called “The Pandanctuary”, where Singaporeans who are stressed out with every day life can escape the daily grind and live “like a panda for the weekend”. While themed holiday experiences sound pretty great, dressing up like pandas and eating bamboo-centric meals is a bit outrageous. Also, did we mention the “heads up” the media was given about this service? 😐

Neo Garden Catering tried to make curry-flavored lipstick a thing

The whole idea of a curry-flavored lipstick is so far-fetched, but we wouldn’t put it behind anyone not to come up with it. Besides, it looks like Neo Garden Catering put in a lot of effort (and money!!) into the production of this ad. They even ran a giveaway and the winners of this lipstick. While they did finally reveal the real “curry bomb”, we wonder if they followed through or left the thousands of participants hanging. 

Radiohead is not coming to Singapore after all

, The best April Fool’s jokes in Singapore this year
Photo credit: Flickr user Moody Man

Local music site Bandwagon reported that alternative rock band Radiohead would be coming to Singapore on Sep 21 as part of their OK Computer‘s 20th anniversary. They were supposed to be making their rounds in Asia at countries like Taipei and Tokyo as well, but a check on their website revealed none of the above countries as one of their tour stops. Ler’s have a moment of silence for the fans of Radiohead. :'(

Google launches a device to help you with all your gardening needs

Google announced another high-tech device following the release of Google Home, a voice controlled device that will respond to your questions and needs. Then, on April Fool’s Day, they released Google Gnome, a device specializing in attending your needs in the garden. You can even ask them to turn on or off the water hose for you. All things considered, it’s a pretty little thing although it’s completely fake.  

Ikea under fire for transforming playground into mini tablet pods

In a rather tongue-in-cheek April Fool’s prank, SIngapore’s office of Swedish furniture store Ikea announced on social media that they were going to turn Smaland, the store’s in-house children’s playground, into an area where kids can play with tablets instead of running around wide open spaces and ball pits as their “studies of children’s play habits reveal that today’s kids prefer tablets to physical activity.” Naturally, parents were upset upon learning this, only to heave a sigh a relief when they realized the date of the announcement.