Betadia appoints Vanessa Low as Brand Ambassador 2022/23

Betadia is proud to announce the appointment of world-renowned Australian Paralympic athlete Vanessa Low as its official brand ambassador for 2022/23. This comes at a time when Betadia is aiming to further expand its global presence by positioning itself as a globally recognised international brand.

Born in Schwerin, East Germany on 17 July 1990, Low spent her childhood in the town of Ratzeburg. Upon reaching the age of 16, she was struck by an incoming train after losing her balance. This incident left her left leg severed while the other one was eventually amputated by doctors during a life-saving surgery. She then went into a state of coma for two months and spent two years relearning to walk using her prostheses after waking up.


, Betadia appoints Vanessa Low as Brand Ambassador 2022/23


As a long-time sports enthusiast, the accident posed a major challenge to Low as it left her unable to partake in sports for a period of time. Nevertheless, her incredible strength and resilience never stopped her from pursuing her dreams. Far from being devastated by her predicament, she took inspiration from American disabled long jumper Cameron Clapp to begin training in athletics in 2008 before making her senior sports debut the same year.

Despite making her debut, it wasn’t a smooth start as she broke her elbow and was forced to pause her sports career for three months in 2009. Nonetheless, instead of being discouraged, she persevered and eventually won her first bronze medal while representing Germany in the T42 100m Sprint at the 2011 IPC Athletics World Championships.


, Betadia appoints Vanessa Low as Brand Ambassador 2022/23


More recently in 2019, after she began representing Australia in international tournaments, Low won the gold medal in the Women’s Long Jump T61-63 at the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai. A year later, she went on to compete in the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo where she made the previous breakthrough world record and won the gold medal in the Women’s T63 Long Jump.

Low’s success and outstanding achievements as a Paralympic athlete despite her physical challenges strongly demonstrated the value of resilience, courage, and perseverance, all of which are key values that we ought to have in life. Most important of all, the courage that she took to overcome challenges standing in her way teaches us to never give up when we come across obstacles in our lives.


, Betadia appoints Vanessa Low as Brand Ambassador 2022/23


In her own words, “Paralympic sport is a little bit of a reminder that we sometimes need to focus more on what we have, rather than what we are lacking, or we feel like we are lacking. I really hope that people understand that you don’t have to achieve something amazing in order to be perfect the way that you are.”

Inspired by Vanessa Low’s successful story and the spirit that she embodies, Betadia is more than delighted to appoint such an inspiring public figure as its brand ambassador. As a digital investment-linked insurance company, Betadia is wholeheartedly committed to raising a higher level of public awareness towards differently-abled people around the world, as they are the ones who deserve more attention and care.


, Betadia appoints Vanessa Low as Brand Ambassador 2022/23


Through this appointment, Betadia hopes that Low’s story can inspire many others to overcome life’s hardships and, more significantly, shed light on the need to improve the current welfare system to care and nurture talents among the differently-abled community.

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