A bird’s eye view of Singapore shot by local photographers and Instagrammers

Ever wondered how Singapore and some of her iconic landmarks would look like from the sky? We’ve compiled a couple of photos taken from the sky by our very own local Instagrammers. Some of them are professional photographers, owners of their own production houses, or simply hobbyists and photography enthusiasts. The list also includes some of the more familiar names like Darren Soh, who’s known for his symmetrical shots of Singapore flats, and Lee Yik Keat, who became the art director of the popular @ExploreSingapore Instagram account at the age of 21. The seven shots below give a refreshing perspective on buildings that we’re already familiar with, thanks to a little tech-y thing called drones.

Lee Yik Keat (@leeyikkeat)


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Julian Cheong (@julian_cheong)


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Luke Goh (@seathebreezee)


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Samuel Ow (@sammmsation)


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Darren Soh (@darrensohphoto)


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Henzy David (@iamhenzydavid)


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Aik Kai (@highonmars)


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