Featuring new creations alongside a return of past years’ favourites and daily fresh bakes

We don’t know about you, but there’s nothing a good carb can’t fix. To tide you through breakfast, tea, and everything in between, BreadTalk has unveiled a showcase outlet at ION Orchard that retails a line-up of exclusive bakes.

On top of tempting new offerings, the outlet will see the return and reinvention of some of their best-selling and limited-edition products beloved by the public.

Here’s what you’d want on your bread tray:


Dozo Buns



Sink your teeth into these deep-fried panko-crusted offerings making their debut at the ION outlet. Each Dozo bun is made with a buttery dough mixture and generously stuffed with one of three fillings to choose from – spicy chicken curry and hard-boiled egg in the Curry Chicken Dozo, a homemade sardine filling in the Sardine Dozo, and a mixed mushrooms sauté with gouda and mozzarella cheese in the Mushroom Dozo.


Flosss Buns



Is it even a visit to BreadTalk if we walk away without grabbing one of their legendary Flosss buns? At BreadTalk ION, flavours from years past make a dramatic reappearance, featuring long-awaited favourites like the Wasabi Flosss, Cereal Flosss, and Coconut Flosss. For fervent fans of the OG Fire Flosss, we highly recommend the Curry Flosss, which boasts a fiesty combo of pork floss, curry leaves, and curry powder.


Paninis and Sandwiches



Made fresh daily on-site, their indulgent sarnies are great to tuck into as-is or toasted between the hot grills of their sandwich press. Drown in your Parisian senses with the buttery Ham Croissant Sandwich or Bacon Croissant Sandwich. Alternatively, the Moshi Mushroom Panini is a good go-to brunch option with its chicken, mushroom, hard-boiled egg, and melty cheese combo.


Adding extra flair to the ION outlet are a range of European rustic loaves that include their eye-catching Chocolate Loaf made with a proprietary red wine starter dough, white chocolate chips, and dark chocolate chips, and the distinct Berry Walnut Loaf with dried cranberries and chopped walnuts.

On top of all that and BreadTalk’s familiar all-time favourites, the ION outlet also offers a curated selection of complementary Danish, Toast, Cookies, and Donuts. Conveniently located in the heart of our famous shopping district, head over now to experience the showcase outlet for yourself!


For more information, visit BreadTalk’s official website here.