Prepare for a near-total solar eclipse over Singapore next month

If you couldn’t be bothered to wake up in time to catch the five-planet alignment thing visible in the Singapore skies recently, there’s another exciting heavenly phenomenon to gear up for.

There will be a partial (or, for the optimists among you, a near-total) eclipse on Mar 9, starting at 7:22 am. At 8:23 am, the eclipse will reach its maximum, where close to 90% of the sun will be eclipsed, and it’ll end at 9:33am. If you’re not psyched about observing it, be sure to double up on your coffee intake, because it’s going to feel like the morning twilight is lasting twice as long.

The best place to view the eclipse? The eastern horizon, of course. And don’t forget your tinted glasses and all that. If you miss it, there’s meant to be a rather dramatic one on Dec 29…2019. So, don’t miss it.

In the meantime, you can still grab friends and catch the five planets before it’s not longer visible on Feb 20.