This Chinese New Year, shut the aunties down with these rented other-halfs

Social escort services are not a new thing, but this Chinese New Year, many have taken to social media to offer their “services” of being a rental boyfriend/girlfriend during the festive season to help ward off any kepo relatives who, without fail, ask “difficult questions” (if you’re really that interested, you can find them here, here, here and here). Whether they’re serious or not, is another question. However, there is an actual, not-at-all-sleazy site that’s offering a whole catalog of rental other-halfs for any occasion.

The local “rent-a-friend” website Pally, which was established early last year, was sparked after one of the founders was asked a number of times to be a groomsmen for a couple of acquaintances. Besides being able to find someone as your date, you can also find people to go on a shopping spree, play sports, party or to just hear you out, at a price ranging anywhere between $15-$400. The process is apparently very simple: pick an activity, state a date, location and duration, gender preferred and your interests. From here, companions are chosen based on the personality, open-mindedness, friendliness and tact in both parties. They also consider the interests, experiences and availability when matching.

The best part? You can give feedback after the experience, just like how you rate Uber drivers. Savage.