Time to enjoy that game-changing, refreshing taste of Thailand!

It’s no secret that Singapore has recently seen a proliferation of coconut-based beverage shops, popping up at every corner of our island. With more and more stores growing far and wide, the wealth of options for the coconut shake-obsessed seems almost endless.



A relatively new entrant into the market is Coco.Cado, a beverage brand serving up 100% fresh coconut and avocado beverages.

The brand’s catchy name is derived from their two main stars – coconut and avocado – which serve as a base for their signature drinks. Think Coco Shake, Coco Cado Shake, Cado Cempedak Fresh Milk, and Cado Durian Fresh Milk.



Perfect for the weather in Singapore, these creamy and refreshing shakes contain no added sugar – making for a healthy alternative that still curbs your thirst and craving.



If you’re unsure what to get, go for their all-new Coco Thai Tea Shake. This drink brings together some of everyone’s favourite indulgences: fresh coconut flesh, smooth vanilla ice cream, and fragrant Thai tea. With each refreshing sip, the Coco Thai Tea Shake whisks you right off to Thailand – an experience we all definitely miss dearly.



For fervent fans of Thai Green Tea, fret not, there’s the Coco Thai Green Tea Shake reserved just for you. For the ones who prefer a variation without coconut, opt for their Fresh Milk versions.

While we reminisce about enjoying a refreshing cup of iced Thai milk tea while shopping (and bargaining) in the vibrant night markets of Bangkok, these thirst-quenchers will settle for now.


Both the Coco Thai Tea Shake and Coco Thai Green Tea Shake are available at Coco.Cado’s stores at Paragon and JEM.


For more information, visit Coco.Cado’s official Facebook page here.