ComfortDelGro taxis introducing flat fare pricing starting next week

It’s finally happened, the biggest taxi operator in Singapore is getting on board with flat fare pricing. If your ComfortDelGro app has been sitting unopened in your phone ever since Grab and Uber came around (we totally understand), now might be a good time to give it another shot. Starting Apr 10, you’ll be able to book the blue and yellow cabs only through ComfortDelGro’s taxi app, with the full fare displayed upfront. The fare will be calculated based on distance travelled and existing surcharges, and will refresh every five minutes on the app.

Flat fare pricing is a new option on top of the existing metered fare option, and gives riders more control when deciding whether to book a ride. It also remains the same when there are traffic jams, unlike metered taxis which run even when the cab is stationary. Expectedly, if you’re going to change your route to a further destination or add an additional enroute stop, there will be a $5 surcharge. ERP charges that are incurred as a result of additional stops or changed destinations will also be included.

According to ComfortDelGro, dynamic or surge pricing is being explored, but has not been implemented yet as they’re still monitoring fare pricing competitiveness in the market. They’re also allowing some time for their drivers to get used to the flat fare pricing. On the company’s end, they’re encouraging drivers to take on flat fare bookings by waiving the call levy normally imposed when customers book taxis. They’re also offering rewards and incentives for drivers who fulfill the most number of flat fare bookings.

Looks like we can expect another war between the ride-hailing apps with this new contender—hopefully it results in lots of promo codes.

, ComfortDelGro taxis introducing flat fare pricing starting next week

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