Countdown to the coronation of Mr World Singapore 2022

Celebrating “the courage and strength with which a man approaches and copes with the obstacles in his life”, and one of the year’s most anticipated – and biggest – events on the male pageant calendar, Mr World Singapore 2022 is themed Changing Lives, and for good reason.

From a marketing executive giving voice to those with a stutter, to a hunky nurse and even an ex-convict, this year’s Top 25 are clearly more than their chiselled torsos and impish smiles.


, Countdown to the coronation of Mr World Singapore 2022


Adding that much more excitement this year, the pageant will cover not just one, but four Grand Winner categories for the first time in Singapore’s history. Titles up for grab are Mr World Singapore 2022, Mr World Singapore Senior 2022 for contestants aged 30 and above, Mr Grand International Singapore 2022, and Man of the World Singapore 2022.


, Countdown to the coronation of Mr World Singapore 2022


Coronation Night is slated to take place on Sep 08 in the Grand Ballroom of One Farrer Hotel, where performances will be staged by the talented finalists.

Posed as a challenge by event organiser, Beam Artistes, preparations for the stage saw the Top 25 pick up a performance skill specially assigned to each of them. From acting and mixed martial arts, to dancing and singing, their skills will be put to a fierce test on Coronation Night.


Tickets to Coronation Night can be purchased via Eventbrite.


To find out more about the pageant and your favourite contestants, visit Mr World Singapore’s Facebook page here.