We're all in this together, Singapore

These are troubling times indeed. The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented one, with world governments scrambling to contain and eliminate the threat.

In Singapore, at time of writing (Mar 25), we are sorta in a state of soft lockdown. All entertainment venues including bars and theatres aren't allowed to operate till May, and public gatherings are limited to only 10 people. Most, if not all events are cancelled and meanwhile, restaurants, museums and malls all need to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines.

While we can all understand the need for such measures, the fact remains that many businesses, especially small ones, will likely go bust before this is over. This affects individual livelihoods and many will lose their source of income. People are panicking—over their jobs, grocery supplies, the slightest cough on the MRT, you name it—and who can blame them.

We're hoping to do some good during such a time, no matter how small.

The pandemic may have brought out the worst in people, but it has also brought out the best. We see selfless acts like folks passing out free sanitisers, campaigns that show support for our healthcare workers, bosses trying their darndest to not implement layoffs by taking pay cuts themselves; the list goes on.

On our part, we're embarking on a mission to spread a message of positivity and hope for all who are affected. We are nothing if not a platform, a campfire for all to gather and share our stories. Hopefully through that, we'll all feel more connected, more aware of each others' sufferings, as well as grit during this time when many of us might feel alone and in isolation.

This means SG Magazine will be approaching (feel free to reach out to us too at editorial.sg@media-group.com.sg) common, everyday folks out there who have a story to tell. We want to know how you're coping, how you're doing your best despite the circumstances, perhaps how you're thriving even. It can just be a heartwarming tale of the good someone's trying to do, but need an outlet to shout it from to make it happen. We're here for you if you need that.

We will also be shifting our editorial focus to suggest more things you can do in the comfort of your own home, while still doubling down on our missive since day one to support all-things local, big or small. You might see less events being listed in our monthly Things to Do column, but more ideas on how to lead a fulfilling life, be it by yourself or in small groups.

Most importantly, we want to showcase the best side of people during such a troubled time, so that we may collectively be inspired to also do the best we can.

Stay strong and stay close (emotionally) to the people you care about—we will emerge from this together, stronger.

With love,
Dannon Har
Editor, SG Magazine