Score some street cred

Street culture has come a long way. Once shunned, we now see it as something raw and real. This Dec 1-2, we will see Southeast Asia’s largest and first celebration dedicated to street culture (although Sole Superior has just been upsized into Street Superior), happening in the form of the Culture Cartel 2018

Located at the F1 Pit Building, a medley of more than 100 international street artists, designers, tattooists and urban brands will come together to form a massive street culture convention. Explore the nuances of street culture through bold visual street art installations, voguish urban fash brands and the works of acclaimed creators from all over the world. Think bonafide American street artists with commissioned murals in New York and Seattle, or Australian and Singaporean street artists duo Yok & Sheryo. There is also famed tattoo artist Nissaco hailing from Osaka, known for his detailed geometric-patterned tattoos.

If you happen to fancy some graffiti on your dollar dollar bills, Dub Williams' booth is the one to check out. Diehard streetwear fans who sometimes lament the lack of accessibility to urban brands will rejoice to find that there will be exclusive launches of original and limited-edition merchandise by brands like Adidas, Vans and PUMA. Or feel free to shop with up-and-comers like Hong Kong-based Raw Emotions. While you’re there, make sure to support local toy designer Mighty Jaxx, whose studio exclusively focuses on 3D design art for collectible figurines. 

There'll be beatboxing workshops, dialogues on street culture, live music performances and even a bike circuit; so you know you're gonna be well occupied. Check out some of the artworks from participating artists below.

Tats by Nissaco

Commissioned Wall in California by Yok & Sheryo 

Vomit Kid Taipei 2018 by Mighty Jaxx

Pennywise by Dub Williams

Raw Emotions

Rukkit Kuanhawate

Culture Cartel 2018 takes place Dec 1-2 at Singapore F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Bvd. Tickets start from $15 with early bird prices available til Oct 31 here. More info here