Cupfy introduces a brand new line-up in Singapore

Finally arriving in Singapore, Hong Kong’s award-winning specialty Oolong tea brand, Cupfy, brings their range of fine artisanal beverages to our shores. To add to the excitement, the brand is introducing a brand new line-up of vibrant offerings that’re sure to satisfy the tea-lover in us.


, Cupfy introduces a brand new line-up in Singapore


Founded with an aim to beat health ailments in youths, founder Amy Ip is steadfast in her vision to serve healthy and delectable lifestyle beverages that are high in quality, great in taste, and low in sugar. Beyond just containing less sugar and being made with raw cane sugar or natural sucrose, Cupfy also offers customers a choice of opting for maltitol to serve even diabetic-conscious consumers.

Stepping up to beat the heat in our part of the world, their Sparkling Tea series features the tropical Pineapple Sparkling Tea, a red Oolong refresher made with real pineapples bites and topped with pineapple jam, and the Sour Plum Sparkling Tea, a delicious jasmine green tea with the brand’s special plum jam made with real sour plums. Green tea lovers can also go for their Golden Grapefruit Sparkling Tea, with grapefruit pulp and yuzu jam, or Virgin Mojito Sparkling Tea.


, Cupfy introduces a brand new line-up in Singapore


With the familiar flavours of winter melon tea, their new Winter Melon with Lime is a zesty revision of the classic beverage, while the Winter Melon Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly is a creamy treat that showcases the brand’s special grass jelly.


Launching in September, fans can also look forward to the sweet and floral Rose Foam Top Golden Oolong with Oat Milk, with pairing rose-infused foam and golden Oolong with Cupfy’s homemade oat milk, the brand continues to fascinate us by taking on our increasing love for oat milk as well!


Can’t wait to try them? Find out more on Cupfy Singapore’s Instagram page here.