It’s sweet, spicy, fuss-free, and wonderfully authentic

An export that’s almost as famous as BTS, Korean fried chicken is heavily embedded in the country’s culinary culture. Lovers of all things Korean would be familiar with the dish, a K-drama standout that our beloved characters eat most often, paired with pints of cold beer – and they never fail to make our mouths water with every appearance.



If you're just like us and can't get enough of Korean stuff, you’d be thrilled to try Dancing Chef’s all-new Korean Spicy Chicken Sauce. Developed from a Korean chef’s recipe, the sweet and flavourful sauce coats your chicken with a tingling spiciness that will leave you reaching for more. Simply batter your chicken, deep fry it till golden-brown, toss the chicken in Dancing Chef’s new sauce, sprinkle sesame seeds, and you have your fix ready in no time.

Now available on RedMart and at major supermarkets island wide including Cold Storage, Giant, NTUC FairPrice, and Sheng Siong, get your hands on the Dancing Chef Korean Spicy Chicken Sauce to indulge in delicious chicken from the comfort of home.



Not keen on cleaning up after? Head down to Shake Shake In A Tub at 111 Somerset from Jul 29 to Sep 30 to sink your teeth into their Dancing Hot Korean Spicy Chicken. In collaboration with Dancing Chef, the homegrown fast-food snack joint will be offering the seasonal special as an à la carte or combo option.


To find out more, head over to Dancing Chef’s Facebook page here.