Deliveroo’s new delivery-only kitchen means more food variety for Singaporeans

There may be many reasons to head out and eat this month, but you’ll probably need to make time for when you go into full recluse mode to unravel in your own personal cave, all comfortably wrapped up and away from the sun and people. But you still need to eat; and that’s where food delivery services come in. While there is a couple for you to choose from, London-based start-up Deliveroo is planning to one-up their competitors with a new concept this weekend.

After a successful run in the UK, which saw an increase in deliveries, Deliveroo is rolling a brand new platform called Deliveroo Editions, which will benefit both the customer and the participating restaurants. A new bespoke, delivery-only kitchen will be set up to allow hand-picked restaurants to experiment with special delivery-only dishes for their customers. It’ll also help to cater to specific needs of customers in each neighborhood by identifying popular or missing cuisines in the area.

This new platform will be backed by neighborhood-specific marketing support and dedicated fleets of riders for each neighborhood. For its initial roll out, Deliveroo will be hosting chefs from more than five restaurants like Muchachos, Sacha & Sons, Blu Kouzina and Pho Stop to service the Katong area. Think of it as restaurant pop-ups in delivery form. On the app itself, these participating restaurants will have the Deliveroo Editions logo pegged to them to stand out among all the listings.

It’s a novel idea to stretch the limitations of food delivery, and expansion plans to cater to more than 300 restaurants around Singapore are already in the works. But for now, we’re cautiously excited to see how this all pans out.